We Survived 2013

In 2013 we made it through another Alabama football championship (and a trip for Phillip to Miami), getting settled in to our new house, enjoying more of everything Charleston has to offer, 50+ new recipes, Phillip’s cardiology ski trip, another fun year of Cards Girls’ Night Out, welcoming both Roger and Watson to our little family, a weekend trip to Savannah, the end of The Office, the final dismantling of my school materials, our 30th birthdays, our 2nd wedding anniversary, trips to the lake and beach, a Dallas adventure, Kenslee’s and Jonathan’s first visit to Charleston, a fun 4th with friends, a beach drop, a trip to see Phillip’s Uncle Bill, a road trip to Murrells Inlet, visits from the Scotts, Bobby, Ben, Gabe, Maggie, Uncle Richard, and Aunt Nancy, Phillip’s Grandpa’s 90th birthday celebration, a trip to Morris Island, learning how to set up our beach canopy, a rough football season for the Volunteers and a heartbreaking finish to the regular season for the Tide, announcing our pregnancy, surviving the first two trimesters, finding out the gender, feeling those first kicks, planning our son’s nursery, and trying to pick out a name, Phillip’s boys’ camping trip to Table Rock, the end (hopefully forever) of night float, a Charleston Thanksgiving, another year of practicing medicine and law, my first Christmas without my parents, celebrating life moments with friends and family, and saying goodbye to friends and loved ones.  As always, we did it together and we’ll keep doing it together, come rain or come shine.

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