And the gender is….

Drumroll….ta-da!IMG_20131115_1_3 Cropped

Yeah, we couldn’t really tell from that either.  But…JBD_8626Here are some more shots from the ultrasound – he was moving around quite a bit so our technician had to kind of chase him! IMG_20131115_1_7 Cropped

Hello family!

Hello family!

IMG_20131115_1_18 CroppedEverything looked great at our 20-week appointment.  Right on track!

We don’t have a name picked out yet but have been tossing around a few ideas.  Of course, we had a girl name picked out (Mary Blair, after my grandmother – and by the way, I’m officially calling dibs on that one, cousins!), but haven’t been able to decide on a boy name.  Feel free to leave a comment below if you have the perfect suggestion for a name for Baby Boy Dean!

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