Chicken Lettuce Wraps Y’all

Our first adventure from this month’s Sweet as Pie menu was Chicken Lettuce Wraps Y’all from Southern Plate.  These were very easy to put together and were quick enough for a weeknight meal.  Here’s how they came together:

First, I sauteed some chicken breasts which I’d cut into about 1-inch pieces.  I set those aside and sauteed chopped mushrooms and sliced green onions for just a few minutes.JBD_6977

Then I added the chicken back into the pan and mixed in a combination of brown sugar and soy sauce until it was all heated through.JBD_6985

While the chicken mixture was heating, I puffed the rice sticks in hot oil.  Funny enough, I’d seen a chef do this on Chopped just this week.  It was pretty cool, just like the recipe promised.JBD_6987 JBD_6996 JBD_6997

I spooned some of the mixture into lettuce cups and topped with the rice sticks.  JBD_7001

As easy as these were, we just didn’t love them.  They were a little bland and didn’t really make an impression.  Phillip was a little skeptical about using lettuce leaves as a vessel, but would have been okay with them had the filling packed more of a punch.  They could probably be improved with a thicker sauce, something to add a little heat, and maybe a crunchier vegetable addition (in all fairness, I left out the water chestnuts the recipe called for since I don’t like them, so that might have made a difference).  I wouldn’t be opposed to trying a fancier restaurant version, but I probably won’t attempt to make these again myself.  I did end up with some nice leftovers though that I’m planning to throw into some fried rice.

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