A Trip Down the Blue Ridge

While we were en route to Gabe’s wedding in Virginia we discovered that we weren’t all that far from the Blue Ridge Parkway – a road we’ve been trying to drive on for years, but invariably when it has been closed due to winter road conditions.  But ice and snow are no match for July!  On Sunday, we took took a slight detour and hit the parkway, albeit for just a few miles.  Check out the views:

From one of the many overlooks along the way. I promise I’m working on my photography – it’s just going to take me a while.

This roadside detour even had a short hike down to a creek.

Y’all know I love to take pictures of bridges. Well, you might not know that, but I do. I love the lines.

This overlook/picnic area had a building you could go in to get a nearly 360-degree view.

This was a great way to spend the day – since we were a little higher in elevation, the air was cool and we rode with the windows down.  We had such a good time that we’re planning a whole weekend on the parkway.  Let us know if you have any favorite parts we should try to hit!


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