Coming Up Roses

Well, ferns actually.

The ferns and hydrangeas.

It is springtime at our house and even though the ferns come up on their own, Phillip insisted we spend Saturday morning sprucing up the flower beds.  Now we don’t venture too far into gardening, choosing instead to stick with very pretty, low maintenance impatiens.  And we plant them everywhere.  They are in the front, in the back, on the side, in a planter on the deck, and in hanging baskets here and there.  After a trip to Home Depot, we were ready to get started.

We weren't just planting flowers - check out my basil. I have three varieties and some rosemary smelling delicious on the deck.

Harriet, our side-of-the-house bunny. She was here when Phillip bought the house and keeps an eye (but only one ear) on things.

We planted somewhere around 140 impatiens.

This is Wallace. When Phillip was house-hunting, we noticed that nearly our whole street was full of little stone lawn animals. And this house was no exception. In addition to Harriet, there was a bunny I named Gordon hidden in the ferns in the front yard. I jokingly asked Phillip's realtor if Gordon came with the house. When we went to the closing, the sellers regretfully informed us that Gordon belonged to their daughter and would be making the move with them. However, they had brought us a replacement guard-bunny. And that's how Wallace came to join our little family.

After another trip to Home Depot and a good watering, the beds were planted and our work was done for the day.  Happy springtime!

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