Braised Short Ribs

Moving right along with this month’s Sweet as Pie picks, we made Braised Short Ribs on Saturday night.  We’d actually made these a couple of times before, so we were ready for the deliciousness.  I served them with smashed red potatoes and stuffed mushrooms.  Mom and Grandmother were down for the evening so we actually had a full table.  Here’s how it came together:

You start by dredging the short ribs in flour.

Carrots, onion, and shallots.

The recipe calls for pancetta, but we just use bacon.

After browning the ribs, the vegetables went into the pan.

After adding red wine, chicken stock, and some fresh rosemary and thyme, the whole thing went in the oven for a few hours.

Falling-off-the-bone yumminess.

And even better? Sharing it with my favorite people.

Overall, Phillip and I enjoyed it (again) and Mom and Grandmother said they did.  I believe Grandmother because she likes just about anything, but the dish was probably too heavy on the wine for Mom – that’s just not a flavor she’s fond of.  We’ve made it before and we’ll make it again.  It takes a while and the ingredients are a bit more expensive than other dishes, so it’s probably a once-in-a-while or a special occasion meal.  But oh, it’s a good one.

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