We Got Married

It all began on September 3rd.  Well, technically, there was some stuff before that (see Our Wedding Website to get caught up), but for the purposes of this blog, it all began on September 3rd.  We had an amazing wedding and reception and were fortunate enough to celebrate it all with our closest family and best friends.  The ceremony was held at Trinity United Methodist Church and our reception was at Pine Tree Country Club.  Here are some of our favorite pictures from our wedding weekend (thanks, Amber Ford for the wonderful wedding day pictures and our wedding planner/organizer/voice of reason Catherine Franklin for everything):

Since Phillip’s (and his groomsmen’s) schedule didn’t allow for a bachelor party, on Friday, Phillip and some of his groomsmen headed to Lake Purdy for a guys’ day on the lake.

Phillip and some of his groomsmen spent Friday at Lake Purdy on some sort of ramshackle pontoon boat. Apparently, fun was had by all. Bug Phillip if you want more details on this.


While Phillip was trying not to get sunburned (the picture does not do the hat justice), we girls were having our own pre-wedding celebration.  We had a classy lunch at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens with a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”-themed bridal luncheon.

Keeping with the "Breakfast at Tiffany's" theme, each of the bridesmaids' place setting included a picture of the two of us and an iconic blue box (full of M&Ms).

Delicious cupcakes from Dreamcakes - they even had tiny pearls on top!

All my best girls. It's all about the accessories, dahling.

After a quick trip to the nail salon for wedding manicures and pedicures, and after a few minutes of panic when Phillip and the boys did not make it home on time, everyone met at the church for the rehearsal before heading to The Club for our rehearsal dinner.  Phillip loves the view and atmosphere at The Club, so it was his top choice for the dinner.  Each table was decorated to correspond to somewhere we had been together (New York, Las Vegas, the mountains), things about us (Medicine, Law, Alabama/Tennessee), or where we’re going next (Charleston).

This was the beach table. We love to visit the beach and even got engaged on the beach during a summer sunset.

Our table divided. You can't see it in this picture (taken by an Alabama fan, ahem), but on the other side of the table is a framed piece of Tennessee's checkerboard endzone (from before they went to real grass).

The Vegas table and one of our favorite trips.

We shared our slideshow and Phillip’s big surprise was unveiled after dinner:  a personalized message from weather-legend, James Spann.  If you’d like to see either of these things, send me a message or an e-mail – we’re not cool enough to post our own videos yet.

Finally, after months of planning, and months of impatience on Phillip’s part, the wedding day was upon us.  There aren’t words to adequately describe the day, but here are some of our favorite photos (there were hundreds to choose from):


This is Barnaby and he deserves his own post, so keep an eye out for that in the future.

Impromptu wedding karaoke featuring "Wagon Wheel" - many thanks to the talented Josh Dixon for somehow talking the band into letting him borrow a guitar.

We can’t thank our parents, family and friends enough for making our wedding such an incredible experience.  In the end, it was everything we wanted it to be and you just can’t ask for much more than that.

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