Jennifer + Phillip = Us

It seems like almost everyone has a blog. I read several, Phillip reads several, and we never really thought about doing our own before we got married. My thought was, who would want to read posts about how long Phillip’s shift was or what I made for dinner on Tuesday or what we did last weekend? I doubt anyone not related to us cares anything at all about such things. And that’s probably true. But. In 5 or 10 or 20 or 30 years, we will care about it all and be so glad we took the time to note all of our somethings and nothings. This blog won’t give away prizes, won’t win any web awards, and won’t be amazingly entertaining to millions of people. But that’s okay, because this blog isn’t for millions of people – it’s for us, for our family, for posterity. So, welcome to our blog and to our life. The up, the down, the fun, the boring, the exciting, the ordinary, the us – come rain or come shine.

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