Jack’s Brunswick Stew

Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical about this Sweet as Pie recipe for Brunswick Stew.  I’d only had Brunswick Stew once before and I didn’t care for it at all.  And check out the picture on the official recipe – doesn’t it resemble a by-product of a stomach virus?  Anyway.  Phillip really likes Brunswick Stew and I’m a committed cooking club participant, so I made plans to whip this up one weekend (it requires some time, so a weekend is best).  Here’s how it came together:

First, I boiled some chicken and pork and reserved the stock.  I used leftover beef roast for the beef component so I saved myself some time on that one.  Meanwhile, I boiled some potatoes.  I took a detour from the recipe at this point.  It instructed me to ground all of the meat, but I just saw this as a pathway to paste.  I hate paste.  So, I decided to ground/puree only half of each ingredient to get the best of both worlds.  Best decision.  So, for the meat, I shredded half and ground half to leave it a little chunkier.  I added the meat, some stock, and a mixture of black pepper, cayenne, and water to my dutch oven.JBD_8211 JBD_8213I added in onion, tomato, and potatoes (again, only pureeing half), ketchup, Worcestershire, and salt.  After a 30-minute simmer, I added the corn (only half pureed).JBD_8215 JBD_8219JBD_8221

Another hour’s worth of simmering and the stew was done.

This was totally edible!  I liked it much better than I expected and Phillip, of course, enjoyed it.  It actually reminded me of chicken stew, one of my favorites.  I think the decision not to puree the whole thing really made the difference.  The recipe made quite a bit so I put a few servings in the freezer for us to enjoy later.  If you’re a fan of Brunswick Stew (or your husband is), this one’s not bad.

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